2022 PEI 多益高分榜

又到了一年的年底,今年我們高中班有三位同學多益考過900分的門檻。他們是如何辦到的呢? 週週透過大量解析閱讀培養素養力,增加思辨能力是成功的不二法門。請參考以下我們各層級高中班上課內容簡介。


Thursday, October 27, 2022

Article: Most People on Depressants Don’t Need Them

Vocabulary Explanation

Reading Practice

Cultural Background: American health insurance and pharmaceutical companies profit off the citizens. Americans are mostly dependent on some kind of drug.

American work culture and labor laws.

Americans are not required to see a doctor to refill a prescription.

Placebo Effect – patients take fake medicine (sugar water for kids) for fake illnesses.

Scientific Background: serotonin levels need to be maintained, endorphins from exercise; withdrawal symptoms, tapering off eg. Prozac strips akin to Nicotine patches to quit smoking

The Kite Runner

Chapter 6 p.59 – 65 Amir and Hassan’s childhood

Chapter 7 p. 65 – 74 The Kite Tournament

Story Recap: Review of storyline, cultural and historical background, character tensions and personality traits.

Character Analysis: Amir vs. Hassan: Amir is manipulative and Hassan is honorable. Amir is child-like and Hassan is mature beyond his years. Hassan’s love for Amir means he will do anything to stay loyal but Amir sees Hassan as beneath him. Amir and his dad: Amir wishes to win his approval by winning the kite tournament. Amir will do anything to win his dad’s love. Amir and Hassan’s child-like world vs. the adult world of politics and war.



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